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The Benefits of Buying Used Tools

Everyone owns and uses tools of some type at some point. It may just be the basic screwdriver and pliers in the kitchen drawer, or highly specialized tool sets of a professional in their given trade. The cost of such tools can range from fairly inexpensive to many hundreds of dollars. Some may be readily available while other unique tools may be more difficult to find.

Tools – Why Pay Full Price?

We all need and use tools of some type, either in our jobs or for those things that need some manner of occasional repair or maintenance. Some might be specialized, as in an automotive mechanics line of work, or general purpose, as you would find in an average homeowners tool chest. Depending on the type of tool, they can be fairly inexpensive or high in cost. The great thing about most tools is that they last a very long time. Many get passed down from one generation to the next or from the jobsite to the home. Some tools may fall into disuse as they are no longer needed, which is where Metro Pawn & Gun comes into the equation. We offer cash in pawn and loan, or outright purchase, for your tools. Don’t need those old sockets any more? Bring them in and we’ll work out a deal. Power tools, hand tools, special tools – we like all tools!

Spring Cleaning = Cash!

Although our current weather in Minnesota would have you believe winter just started, Spring is actually going to arrive eventually! Once the snow is gone and the first greenery of the season becomes visible, our thoughts will leave winter far behind. Spring fever will be upon us, and Spring cleaning goes hand-in-hand with this fresh new beginning.

The Tools of Winter

When we think of tools, drills and sockets and hammers and saws usually come to mind. But tools encompass much more than the machineries we use to fix or build things. All manner of specialized implements fall into this category, including lawn maintenance equipment and snow removal apparatus.

Tools of the Trade

Tools are an integral part of every day life. We use them to construct, assemble and maintain nearly every aspect of our environment – from our homes to our vehicles to our appliances and our furniture. They repair what is broken, and improve what is not. Life is made easier when tools perform otherwise strenuous or laborious tasks. Whether general in their purpose, or specialized in their function, there is a tool for just about any job you can imagine.

Why Visiting a Pawn Shop is like going on a Great Treasure Hunt

While many people may not think of a trip to the local Pawn Shop as exciting, these shops are a goldmine for the treasure hunter in all of us. Pawn shops have been around for thousands of years, the first shops originating in China. Their original purpose was, and remains, a way for people to turn their possessions into cash either by selling them outright, or " Pawning" them. This means getting a loan based on the value of the item.

How Metro Pawn can Lessen your Work Load

All through human history, we have innovated and developed every manner of technology to assist us with one basic goal – to simplify the work that we do. From simple machines like the lever and the pulley that helped us lift and move that which we ourselves could not, to amazing modern machines that help us build skyscrapers or tunnel beneath the earth in what would once be reserved for tales of fiction. The toaster, the telephone and the toilet – everything that we take for granted in our everyday lives did not exist at some point. Many of us who are middle-aged may well remember our parents’ wringer washing machines, with two counter-rotating ‘rolling pins’ through which wet clothes were fed to squeeze out the water. Once most of the water was eliminated, the clothes would get hung outside to dry. Today, we can’t imagine laundry without our computer-controlled washers and dryers.