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A rifle is a firearm designed to be shoulder-fired, with a barrel that has a helical pattern of grooves called ‘rifling’ cut into the inside. These grooves make contact with the projectile as it is propelled through the barrel, imparting spin around an axis corresponding to the orientation of the weapon. When the bullet leaves the barrel, this spin imparts stability to its flight and prevents it from tumbling, thereby improving range and accuracy. At Metro Pawn & Gun we stock a large variety of rifles, including bolt action hunting rifles, semiautomatic rifles, sporting rifles, and collectible or antique rifles.

If you’re thinking about buying a rifle, you will need to consider a number of variables, including your physical attributes, your level of experience, the application for which the firearm is to be used, and your available budget. Our knowledgeable staff can help you understand the many available choices to purchase a rifle that is best suited to you specifically, all while getting you the best possible value for the money spent. Which of the many available calibers is best for you? Will you be using it for hunting, home defense, target practice, or other competitive shooting sports? Should you invest in an autoloader or a bolt action rifle? Understanding the specifics that characterize each type of rifle is an essential prerequisite to making a sound purchase.

Bolt Action Rifles

Bolt action rifles are designed around a manually rotated bolt for chambering and primary extraction, distinct from other manual action types such as lever, pump, or break action mechanisms. This is accomplished by the user gripping the bolt knob, rotating it up and pulling it back, then pushing it forward to chamber a round and returning it to the locked position. Most bolt action rifles have an internal striker firing mechanism without the need for an external hammer. Fixed internal magazines are common, although some modern bolt action rifles provide removable external magazines to enhance ammunition capacity.

Examples of the bolt action system date as far back as the early 19th century, and this class of rifle was the standard infantry firearm for most of the world's military forces through both World Wars. The German Mauser Model 98, British Lee-Enfield, and Russian Mosin Nagant were the progenitors of virtually every sporting bolt action rifle today. In modern times, the bolt action design remains popular in dedicated sniper rifles for military and law enforcement use, and is the firearm of choice for many civilian hunting and shooting sports where long range and accuracy are essential.

SemiAutomatic Rifles

A semiautomatic rifle is a type of self-loading rifle (also called auto-loading rifle) whose action will automatically cycle, eject, and re-chamber a new round after each shot is fired. The trigger must be manually released to discharge each round and repeat the cycle until the available ammunition in the magazine is expended. Popular examples of such rifles include the Ruger 10/22 and the AR-15, although there are literally many hundreds of models across the firearms industry today.

Among the most prolific semi-automatic sporting rifles in the U.S. is the AR-15 rifle, which began life as a prototype that was designed by ArmaLite for military use in the 1960s. This selective-fire, direct impingement gas-operated 5.56×45mm rifle was designed to be a lightweight weapon utilizing a high-velocity, small caliber cartridge, which would allow soldiers to field more ammunition. Eventually, it became the M16 rifle of the U.S. Army, while the civilian versions loosely retained the ‘AR’ designation across the countless clones and variants of the platform.

Lever Action Rifles

The first lever-action rifle was said to be produced between 1837 and 1841, with the Spencer Repeating Rifle designed in 1860 generating significant popularity for the design. It was a magazine-fed, lever-operated, breech-loading rifle, and set the stage for the lever-action platform that continues to this day.

If you appreciate history and nostalgia, then chances are you own or want to own one of these lever guns. Old western movies glamorized this repeating rifle in the hands of icons like John Wayne, and made many a stand against the nefarious posse to prevail in the end. This gun could put food on your table, protect you family, and do justice to those experiencing a deficit of decency. From the days of the Wild West to the modern day gun shop, the lever-action rifle persists. Popular brands include Henry Repeating Arms and Marlin, and range in chambering from .22 caliber to .45-70 Government. A lever-action in the hands of a skilled shooter can be accurate and effective in a variety of applications.

Single-Shot Rifles

Single-shot firearms hold only a single round of ammunition, and must be reloaded after each shot. Most commonly referred to as break action rifles, this design can also be found in shotguns and some handguns like the Thompson/Center Contender. Single-shot rifles may be of the center-fire cartridge or black powder variety, and range from entry-level to match-grade.

Collectible Rifles

Broadly speaking, the collectible category for rifles encompasses a number of firearms. From pre-1898 rifles that meet the legal definition of an ‘antique’ firearm to unique or rare historical examples, collectible rifles span the ages and the continents. Many genres exist within this classification, with pieces from the Civil War and the World Wars being of notable interest to many.

In addition to rifles new and old, we provide various accessories including scopes, slings, hard or soft cases, ammunition, and other necessary supplies. Whether you’re a hunter or just want to go have fun at the range, we definitely have something that will appeal to your needs!

We provide cash loans for used rifles and purchase them from you, as well. If you have a rifle for sale you no longer need or use, or wish to upgrade to something different, bring it to our shop or contact us today, and we will help you however we can.