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Minneapolis Jewelry Pawn Shop


At Metro Pawn & Gun we carry a great selection of jewelry. We have rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Our assortment includes gold, white gold, silver, platinum and Native American jewelry made from silver, turquoise and other precious stones. Want to trade up? Need a cash loan? Bring in your unwanted jewelry and we can make you a fair offer. Want to buy something for that special person in your life? Selling jewelry is one of our specialties and you will not be disappointed in the choices we have to offer.

Why should you buy jewelry at a pawn shop? Opportunity cost. The basic economic principle of opportunity cost is defined as the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when a particular alternative is chosen. You walk into a prestigious jewelry store and find the treasure of your dreams for $5000. While some people might not second-guess the cost of certain investments, the reality is that if you spend $3000 on it instead, you’ll have $2000 of potential resources that can be allocated to something else.


Perhaps you’ve decided that it’s time to tie the knot with that significant person in your life. Among the many expenses you will face in this endeavor are the wedding dress, tuxedo, venue rental, food catering and invitations. And of course the wedding rings, which can set you back financially more than most of the other requirements. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Should you decide to take the frugal path in these expenditures, visiting Metro Pawn & Gun will definitely extend the purchasing power of your checkbook.


Commonly made of precious metals, necklaces are considered to be one of the earliest types of adornment worn by humans. Necklaces may have attachments suspended from the chain or band itself, which typically include pendants, charms, lockets, crosses and precious or semi-precious materials such as diamonds and other gems. We always have many necklace options on hand, and are always looking to expand that collection.


A close relative of the necklace, bracelets generally adorn the wrist or ankle. Often thicker and heavier than necklaces, bracelets may have more weight in gold, silver or platinum than their counterparts. Weight is often a determining factor in value when pawning, selling or buying jewelry.


It is truly inconsequential whether the diamond earrings you choose come from a big-name jeweler or a pawn shop. A diamond is still a diamond by any other name. Our multitude of fine earrings probably all came from the same big-name jewelers originally, but through the twists and turns of life, ended up in our inventory. For us, it is still about personal preference and sense of style, along with the opportunity to save money and provide a great product.


If you aren’t sure what time it is, we have watches for that. We carry everything from gold plated collectible pocket watches all the way to Rolex or Movado wrist watches. Fine watches hold their value well, so when you need some extra cash, consider the options of pawning or selling your watch to us. And if you’re looking for a new watch, we have many to pick from.


In a category somewhat of their own, pins and brooches are often made from precious metals and embellished with fine gemstones. As all jewelry is essentially personal ornamentation, we carry a variety of such items and are always looking to add more to our inventory. If you have a pin that has gone out of style or need to add a new one to your collection, Metro Pawn & Gun is the place to visit.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

If you have any jewelry you would like to pawn or sell we would like to see it. As jewelry buyers, we can quote a price for your jewelry whether you need a short-term loan or want to just sell it. When we take an item of jewelry in pawn or purchase it outright from our clients, we thoroughly examine its quality, condition, weight, carat, purity and setting. It is in this way that we determine an accurate value. So when you browse through our selection, everything you need to know to make a sound buying decision will already have been determined. Our inventory constantly changes every day, so make sure to swing through the store often and see what we have available.

Shopping for jewelry at Metro Pawn & Gun is really no different than doing so at the jewelry store, except for the price. Why would you pay more for something of equal quality elsewhere? Many a satisfied customer will tell you they’re glad they chose us. We invite you to stop in and have a look or give us a call if you have any questions.