Although our current weather in Minnesota would have you believe winter just started, Spring is actually going to arrive eventually! Once the snow is gone and the first greenery of the season becomes visible, our thoughts will leave winter far behind. Spring fever will be upon us, and Spring cleaning goes hand-in-hand with this fresh new beginning.

It will soon be time to sort through winter implements such as snow blowers, shovels, winter coats and boots. It will be time to get the summer implements such as weed trimmers, lawn mowers, inner tubes and grills ready to roll. During this process, many people make determinations regarding what to keep, what to get rid of, and what they need to get. It is at this time that Metro Pawn & Gun can become a great place to visit!

Out with the old, in with the new!
Winter will surely come again, but perhaps it will be time for a new and better snow blower the next time around. You can turn your old one into cash, which you can either use to get a new one for next year, or perhaps for that shiny new gas grill you would rather enjoy in the coming months.

Mowing the lawn may not be considered a fun pastime by many, but it needs to happen nonetheless. In getting your old lawn mower prepped for duty, you may conclude that having one with a larger cutting deck may reduce your mowing time, thereby leaving more time for other summer activities.

Our inventory is always brimming with great deals on outdoor equipment for this very reason. People upgrade, downgrade, or pack up and fly south for the winter, which always keeps our selection of merchandise interesting and robust.

We can turn Spring Cleaning into Cash!
So when you decide to upgrade that snow blower or lawn mower, bring it in to us for a fair assessment of its value. Browse our inventory of ‘upgrades’, or jump ship entirely and go for that grill you’ve always wanted. Who knows, you might decide to outsource the lawn work all together and take up golf instead – we have everything you need for that as well!

Metro Pawn & Gun offers cash for your outdoor tools in either pawn or outright purchase. We also have an awesome selection of such equipment if you are looking to buy. Either way, we should be your first stop after Spring Cleaning!

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