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Tools and Machineries

Tools are an integral part of everyday life. We use them to construct, assemble, and maintain nearly every aspect of our environment, from our homes to our vehicles to our appliances and our furniture. They repair what is broken and improve what is not. Life is made easier when tools perform otherwise strenuous or laborious tasks. Whether general in their purpose, or specialized in their function, there is a tool for just about any job you can imagine.

Tools vary in design, quality, purpose and price. Depending on the need, everyone is likely to own tools of some type. From the basic screwdriver and pliers in every homeowner’s utility drawer, to complete sets of professional tools for specialized trades, the level of investment varies as greatly as the intended use or task at hand:

Hand Tools

Hand tools are made to last. While some require maintenance, others do not. A hammer will do what a hammer does, whether it’s new, gently used, or a veteran of many construction projects. This is what makes purchasing used tools a wise financial decision. Why pay full retail for that trusty hammer when you could buy one that works just as well at Metro Pawn & Gun for a lot less? Conversely, why not turn that socket set you used for one specific project into cash, instead of leaving it to collect dust in the garage?

Power Tools

Brand new power tools are expensive! An average power tool can easily cost hundreds of dollars and up. Many trades rely on numerous tools for their livelihood. Mechanics, construction workers, handymen, and even the typical homeowner employ a variety of power tools on a regular basis. Metro Pawn & Gun offers an alternative to these steep prices. Unlike some things that people prefer to have in pristine condition, such as firearms, jewelry, or home electronics, used power tools are not expected to be flawless. After all, a tool that gets used every day in a construction setting will not be cosmetically perfect, but as long as it performs the job, its value persists. When you have a power tool you no longer use or have upgraded to something different, bring it in to Metro Pawn & Gun. If you need some quick cash, pawning your tools is always a good place to start. We are always looking to expand our inventory when you decide you no longer need certain tools, so we can also make a fair offer if you wish to sell them to us. Power tools are, and always will be, in demand.

Specialty Tools

Some tools might be specialized, as in an auto mechanics line of work. While some general purpose tools that you would find in an average homeowners tool chest might be used on occasion, many are specific to the automotive service industry. Along with tile cutters, hydraulic jacks or the occasional jumper cables, we deal with other machinery including lawn and garden equipment, snow removal apparatus and other more unique items.

We all need and use tools of some type, either in our jobs or for those things that need occasional repair and maintenance. None of us have an unlimited budget, so the savings we can pass on enables buyers to acquire the tools they need and save money in the process. We always test anything we take into our shop to ensure it functions as intended, thus ensuring reliable and satisfactory performance after you make your purchase.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

Tools that are in good working order hold their value quite well. When people either don’t need a particular tool or set of tools, they often bring them by our shop for some quick cash. And this works out well for those looking to buy tools at a fantastic price. Unless you are in need of something very unique or application-specific that we might not have, paying full price at a hardware store for any of the tools we commonly offer doesn’t make much sense.

Our selection varies from day to day due to the nature of our business, which increases the likelihood of finding that tool you need. Buying used tools can be considered a type of recycling. Instead of having completely viable tools fall into disuse, we provide an opportunity for people to save money and purchase equipment that will continue to provide years of service. Our knowledgeable staff is always able and willing to help you find the right tool for the job.

Used Tools for Sale

Metro Pawn & Gun offers an extensive array of hand tools, power tools, industrial tools, automotive tools, specialty tools, new tools, old tools and even antique tools. Whether you’re in construction by trade or a homeowner, we have something for everyone. Since we offer loans for your tools or purchase them outright, we keep both the clients that need cash and the clients that need tools satisfied. Metro Pawn & Gun invites you to contact us or stop by to check out our amazing selection of tools.