Tools are an integral part of every day life. We use them to construct, assemble and maintain nearly every aspect of our environment – from our homes to our vehicles to our appliances and our furniture.  They repair what is broken, and improve what is not. Life is made easier when tools perform otherwise strenuous or laborious tasks. Whether general in their purpose, or specialized in their function, there is a tool for just about any job you can imagine.


Tools vary in design, quality, purpose and price. Depending on the need, everyone is likely to own tools of some type. From the basic screwdriver and pliers in every homeowner’s utility drawer, to complete sets of professional tools for specialized trades, the level of investment varies as greatly as the intended use or task at hand.


Tools are made to last. While some require maintenance, others do not. A hammer will do what a hammer does, whether it’s new or gently used or a veteran of many construction projects. This is what makes purchasing used tools a wise financial decision. Why pay full retail for that trusty hammer when you could buy one that works just as well at Metro Pawn & Gun for a lot less? Conversely, why not turn that Dovetail Saw you used for one specific carpentry project into cash, instead of leaving it to collect dust in your basement, never to be used again?


Metro Pawn & Gun offers an extensive array of hand tools, power tools, automotive tools, specialty tools, new tools, old tools and even antique tools. By the same token, we offer loans or purchase the same types of tools, which keep both the clients that need cash and the clients that need tools happy. Aside from such typical tools, we stock a great selection of other machinery, including lawn and garden equipment, snow removal apparatus and other more unique items.


Buying used tools can be considered a type of recycling. Instead of having completely viable tools fall into disuse, we provide an opportunity for people to save money and purchase equipment that will continue to provide years of service. Our tool clients range from construction workers to auto mechanics to homeowners, and our knowledgeable staff is always able and willing to help you find the right tool for the job.


Everything at Metro Pawn & Gun is always evaluated for condition and tested for proper function, ensuring reliable and satisfactory performance after you make your purchase. Stop in and see the ‘tools of the trade’ today!

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