All through human history, we have innovated and developed every manner of technology to assist us with one basic goal – to simplify the work that we do. From simple machines like the lever and the pulley that helped us lift and move that which we ourselves could not, to amazing modern machines that help us build skyscrapers or tunnel beneath the earth in what would once be reserved for tales of fiction. The toaster, the telephone and the toilet – everything that we take for granted in our everyday lives did not exist at some point. Many of us who are middle-aged may well remember our parents’ wringer washing machines, with two counter-rotating ‘rolling pins’ through which wet clothes were fed to squeeze out the water. Once most of the water was eliminated, the clothes would get hung outside to dry. Today, we can’t imagine laundry without our computer-controlled washers and dryers.

So how can we lessen your work load? Many simple upgrades are available with which you can simplify the work that you do.

A gas or electric weed trimmer might save you from the blisters of using a hand-held weed cutter. Such manual tools may still have their place in the bigger gardening picture, but edging your whole property by hand is a thing of the past.

On the topic of lawns and gardens, have you every tried mowing a good sized yard with a classic reel-mower? If you have, or you still do, a powered lawn mower is a dream come true.

A basic power tool set alleviates multiple categories of manual labor. You can saw wood, drive screws and sand your projects by hand – or with the touch of a button. Affordable and efficient, hand-held power tools make such work a breeze.

While most of us probably never vacuumed with a hand-powered, bellows-type “cleaning machine”, you might remember those old canister vacuums that weighed as much as a small car. Today’s upright vacuums are light, convenient and offer a host of filtration features to keep the air you breathe as clean as your carpets.

Stop in to Metro Pawn & Gun to find tools and machinery of all sorts to make every job a bit simpler. Whether you’re upgrading, getting something you did not have, or wanting to pawn or sell something for cash, we can help. And since you’ll get your work done a lot faster now, you can kick back with some entertainment products, which we can also help you with!

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