We all need and use tools of some type, either in our jobs or for those things that need some manner of occasional repair or maintenance.  Some might be specialized, as in an automotive mechanics line of work, or general purpose, as you would find in an average homeowners tool chest. Depending on the type of tool, they can be fairly inexpensive or high in cost. The great thing about most tools is that they last a very long time. Many get passed down from one generation to the next or from the jobsite to the home. Some tools may fall into disuse as they are no longer needed, which is where Metro Pawn & Gun comes into the equation. We offer cash in pawn and loan, or outright purchase, for your tools. Don’t need those old sockets any more?  Bring them in and we’ll work out a deal. Power tools, hand tools, special tools – we like all tools!

What kind of tools do we have?

The better question would be “what kind of tool DON’T we have?” It is safe to say that we have offered just about every sort of tool you can think of at some point or another. We have seen entire mechanics tool sets come in, power tools, specialty tools and random individual tools as well. Some people need to upgrade, while others may just need something for that project they’re working on. Whether you’re in Construction by trade or a homeowner, we have something for everyone. The bottom line is this – you can save a fair amount of money by purchasing gently-owned tools as opposed to paying full retail for them.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

Tools that are in good working order hold their value quite well. When people either don’t’ need a particular tool or set of tools, they often bring them by our shop for some quick cash. And this works out well for those looking to buy tools at a fantastic price. Unless you are in need of something very unique or application specific that we might not have, paying full price at a hardware store for any of the tools we commonly offer doesn’t make much sense. Our selection varies from day to day due to the nature of our business, which makes it fun to shop with us and also increases the likelihood of finding that tool you need.

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