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Used Electronics in Minneapolis

At Metro Pawn & Gun we carry a wide variety of electronics including home audio, TVs, DVDs, Blu-ray players, car stereo, personal electronics, phones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, gaming consoles and much more. With a tremendous selection of great items in excellent shape and working order to choose from, you can upgrade your older devices or just find high quality gear you need without the high price of purchasing it brand new.

The world of consumer entertainment technology is an ever-changing and rapidly advancing field. No sooner than you buy your newest smartphone is there a better version of it available. You just finish setting up your cutting-edge home theater system, only to see the updated version being advertised. Technology never stops moving forward, and the market’s appetite for progress is equally insatiable. Your Blu-ray player may only have a few movies played through it before the new version has evolved to feature streaming capabilities. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the latest and greatest marketing, but tech companies love their customers and will have no lack of new features to enchant them with.

For those of us who do not necessarily need that one new feature or extra megapixel and are not willing to pay top dollar to have it, this works out well. What if you need a new phone, but are not willing to stand in line on the release day and pay a premium? Then Metro Pawn & Gun is where you need to come. You won’t stand in line for hours, and your checkbook will thank you in the end. Some of the electronics we see come into our shop end up here as a result of this perpetual need to upgrade, providing an opportunity to acquire perfectly viable used electronics at a considerable savings.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

One of the unique aspects of our business is the range of products you can find here. Whether you need something more current for your home theater or an older system for the garage, we most likely have both. Perhaps you’re building that extravagant custom car stereo or just need to throw some basic tunes in the teenager’s first vehicle; our selection will accommodate either scenario. Everything we offer has been tested to ensure functionality and will provide years of operation and entertainment. Unlike a standard store in which the inventory is relatively fixed, ours changes nearly every day. This makes shopping with us more enjoyable, not to mention the likelihood of finding some pretty unique products is high, as well.


Making your way through a labyrinth of consumer electronics at the big box stores and consulting with purported experts is likely to leave you with more questions than answers. Tell us what you want your equipment to do, as well as your desired budget, and we will provide the best fit for that need from our extensive inventory of quality components.

We see a tremendous variety and quantity of fine electronics come through our shop on a regular basis, so the choices available to our clients are as diverse as they are cost effective. From that vintage, highly acclaimed stereo tube amplifier, to the latest home theater receiver that was just upgraded in favor of the model with a new button on the front panel, we have nearly every sound system prerequisite covered. By providing the knowledge required for you to make the right equipment choices, your investment in electronic entertainment is sure to be rewarding.


Pawning electronics is a tried and tested method for acquiring a loan without the need for credit history or extensive paperwork. Just bring us your working items and leave with cash in your hand.


Of course, Metro Pawn & Gun can help you if you’re looking to sell electronics outright. When you find that component you can’t live without and need to make room for it in your theater rack, stop in to see us. Electronics in good working order hold their value well, and are a popular category for the loans we provide. You can get quick cash for your used equipment if you just need money, want to help offset the cost of your upgrades, or need to buy at a great price.

Metro Pawn & Gun is your trusted destination for loans, pawns and purchases. Inventories are always in motion and our prices are always great. Our staff is knowledgeable in current electronics so we can make fair offers if you want to sell and help you find just the right thing if you want to buy. Buying and selling your electronics has never been easier, so stop in and take a look at what we have, give us a call or send us a message.