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The Appeal of Collectibles

Collectible Ring

A collectible is an object suitable for a collection, such as a work of fine art, an antique, or a rare item, but also includes a wide variety of items collected as a hobby, for display, or as an investment whose value may appreciate. Pawn shops are treasure troves for gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and collectibles. While many collectible items may fall into their own broad categories such as jewelry, coins, or guns, within those are certain items that have the unique appeal of being collectible. Some items may stand alone in their rarity and not necessarily belong to any specific genre of products in our inventory.

A vintage Coca-Cola cooler from the 1950s is a great example of unique collectible that is sought by antiquarians who dabble in old Americana or promotional Coca-Cola merchandise.

If you’re searching the Minneapolis area for awesome items, you might be in luck. Some of the collectibles we come across are rare and may have high monetary or novelty value:

  • Vintage jewelry, such as a Coco Chanel antique engagement ring, a Buccellati necklace, etc.
  • Antique watches from Patek, Rolex, Breitling, Philippe, Piaget, Cartier, etc.
  • Collectible coins, including an 1859 Princess Three Dollar gold coin, Morgan Silver Dollars, a 1797 Great Britain 2-Pence, etc.
  • Historic firearms—examples of which include a 1944 Mosin Nagant rifle, a Civil War LeMat revolver, etc.
  • Art Deco furnishings, including Tiffany lamps, period statues, etc.
  • Rare baseball cards from Topps, rookie cards, famous players, etc.
  • Old tin toys like Marx tin litho vehicles, robots, wind-up animals, etc.
  • Limited editions like a HALO Playstation bundle, autographed art prints, etc.
  • Old comic books featuring Superman, Captain America, G.I. Joe, etc.
  • Antiquarian books by Agatha Christie, C.S. Lewis, etc.
  • Branded promotional merchandise advertising Disney, Star Wars, Coca-Cola, etc.
  • And many more…

Vintage toys, antique firearms, old books, unique historical memorabilia, and rare coins all make the cut but are just a sliver of what can be considered collectible by those who collect. Scarcity, age, and condition are definitely determining factors in the desirability and value of such commodities, but social popularity and perceived prestige can also influence the appeal. When browsing Metro Pawn & Gun, be sure to ask us about some of the unique wonders that make their way into our store. You might walk away with some pretty awesome treasures.

Know Your Collectibles

If you are looking for a cash loan, you might consider either selling or pawning some of your collectibles. Collectible items, whether antique or contemporary, are best served with an understanding of their pedigree and an aptitude in their stewardship. Here are a few of the most common things to keep in mind when dealing with collectibles:


In terms of older collectibles, their history becomes very important in any evaluation process. If you're seeking a substantial sum for a collectible item, it can be worth acquiring a professional appraisal before you sell. This gives you a starting point for negotiations and gives the shop more information to go on regarding the item.

There are hundreds of thousands of different types of collectibles; even a highly knowledgeable employee may not know the true value of a particular item. Provenance, or supporting information regarding an items authenticity, becomes important.


When it comes to collectible items, keeping them in unaltered condition is absolutely critical. Even cleaning your collectibles could actually damage their value, as it could contribute to wear, remove original patina, or otherwise compromise their condition. When taking care of your collectibles, you should consult experts to determine the proper type and amount of maintenance.


If collectibles are part of a set, they should be kept together as such. When complete in their arrangement, they are far more likely to have greater value. If part of a collectible set is sold individually, it makes the set incomplete and could jeopardize the value of it as a whole.


In addition to documentation, it's important for sellers to have a realistic assessment of their collectibles, and this only comes with research. Very minute details can potentially mean the difference between a very low or very high value. It is not uncommon to see people assume their collectible is worth as much as the highest price they have seen.

Collectibles are essentially an investment, and thus they don't really reclaim their value until they are sold. By going in well-prepared, a seller will be able to get the most for their collectible items.

Metro Pawn & Gun buys, pawns and sells a tremendous variety of collectible items in virtually every category. Whether you have a noteworthy antique handgun you wish to sell or are looking for that elusive coin for your collection, you simply have to visit us. With inventories that change daily and an expert staff that can evaluate what you have to offer, we provide a diversity of services that cannot be found elsewhere. For more information about buying, selling and pawning specialty items, contact Metro Pawn & Gun today.