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Why Visiting a Pawn Shop is like going on a Great Treasure Hunt

While many people may not think of a trip to the local Pawn Shop as exciting, these shops are a goldmine for the treasure hunter in all of us. Pawn shops have been around for thousands of years, the first shops originating in China. Their original purpose was, and remains, a way for people to turn their possessions into cash either by selling them outright, or " Pawning" them. This means getting a loan based on the value of the item.

What Makes an Item ‘Collectible’?

A collectible is an object suitable for a collection, such as a work of fine art, an antique or a rare item, but also includes a wide variety of items collected as a hobby, for display or as an investment whose value may appreciate. Vintage toys, antique firearms, old books, unique historical memorabilia and coins all make the cut, but are just a sliver of what can be considered collectible by those who collect.