Everyone owns and uses tools of some type at some point. It may just be the basic screwdriver and pliers in the kitchen drawer, or highly specialized tool sets of a professional in their given trade. The cost of such tools can range from fairly inexpensive to many hundreds of dollars. Some may be readily available while other unique tools may be more difficult to find.

Metro Pawn & Gun offers an extensive array of used tools suitable for a wide variety of jobs and occupations. By design, tools are built to last for a very long time. With this being said, used tools are still just as capable as the full-price brand new ones. You can certainly pay full retail for a socket set in the tool department of your local hardware store, but you can also buy the same or similar set in our shop at a more reasonable price.

You can also turn that pipe wrench that you had to have for one specific plumbing project into cash, instead of leaving it to collect dust in the depths of your basement or garage. We have literally seen just about everything that can be defined as a ‘tool’ come though the shop. Power tools, hand tools, automotive tools, application-specific tools, old tools, and even new tools that were perhaps unneeded. Although not necessarily the definition of tools that we are familiar with, we also stock a wide variety of lawn and garden machinery, snow removal apparatus and even the occasional power washer. Everything we purchase is thoroughly evaluated based on condition and tested for proper function, thus ensuring that your tool purchase is satisfactory in every way.

Metro Pawn & Gun can help!
Buying used tools can be considered a form of recycling. Instead of falling into disuse and going to waste, we provide an opportunity for other people to save money and purchase equipment that will continue to provide years of service. We accommodate clients ranging from the construction industry to the homeowner. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right tools you need for the job. We also provide loans for tools should you need some quick cash, and we also purchase tools outright if you prefer. Get what you need at Metro Pawn & Gun and save money in the process, or get money for tools you want to sell and perhaps you’ll see something else you need with the money.


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