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Home Electronics near the Twin Cities

Home electronics have come a long way since the days of the cassette player connected to an analog stereo amplifier and a pair of speakers. Today’s home electronics are a fusion of computer technology, Wi-Fi, streaming media, and multi-channel, multi-room digital applications of every sort imaginable.

At Metro Pawn & Gun, we have a wide selection of home electronics in the store at all times. From the vintage stereo tube amplifier to the app-enabled multi-room receiver, from TVs to speakers and radios, we see a great variety of amazing audio equipment come through our shop on a regular basis. The choices available to our clients are as diverse as they are cost effective.

More often than not, people decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology, and their used equipment finds its way to our shop. Whenever you make a significant consumer electronics purchase, it seems inevitable that there will be a better and more capable model available before the one you just installed is even broken in. At Metro Pawn & Gun, we feel that a good audio or video system should provide an immersive experience without the need for a bank loan. So if you wish to enjoy the finest home audio at far better prices than it was the day it hit the market, we are the place you need to visit.


Likely the single most rapidly advancing product in the home electronics category is the television. With the advent of high-definition equipment and media in 1998, the technology has become dominant across all forms of video entertainment. Recent advances into 4K and 8K resolutions provide hyper realistic colors and details that evoke sensory experiences unlike anything previously possible. Modern televisions come in all sizes, from compact desktop monitors to enormous displays pushing 100 inches. LCD, LED and OLED are the most popular types of televisions into today’s consumer electronics stores.


All electronic home entertainment systems rely on some type of amplifier to deliver the music and movies to the listener. This can range from a basic stereo amplifier to a more advanced multi-channel home theater design. Power ratings vary from a few watts per channel to hundreds of watts per channel. Styles include integrated stereo amplifiers, which do not come with radio tuners, receivers which may be two-channel or multi-channel and include tuners and other types of processors, and dedicated amplifiers that require pre-amplification components to operate. Operating architecture can be vacuum tube, solid-state analog, or entirely digital.


Loudspeaker principles, in their most elementary form, have not changed much over time. Electrical impulses are transformed into sound waves by means of the voice coil and speaker diaphragm. But the design styles, aesthetics, materials, dimensions, and performance levels are as varied as the sounds they reproduce. Speakers may be passive, requiring external amplification, or active with their own built-in amplifiers. Bookshelf, on-wall, floor standing, powered subwoofers, outdoor, and in-structure architectural speakers are used for stereo listening as well as complex multi-room and home theater applications.


More prevalent in the days of two-channel stereo, equalizers allowed the user to tailor the acoustic performance of their systems more precisely than common bass and treble controls would allow. Such stand-alone EQs are still in use today, although most processing is now done in the digital domain and is integrated into the control devices themselves.


CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are the primary optical drive formats used in today’s home electronics. Streaming devices have become more popular in recent years, and many source components also include various options for such digital content. Certain smart devices such as Sonos combine amplification, control, and speakers into one chassis, allowing any chosen input to be played selectively or simultaneously in multiple locations and across wireless networks.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

A quality home entertainment system should emulate listening to live music or attending a movie theater, all in the privacy of your own home. This can be as simple as a high-quality stereo receiver and a pair of suitable speakers, or as elaborate as a custom designed system employing multi-channel amplifiers, processors, and a number of specialized loudspeakers. You could spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, all depending on the level of performance you expect.

So save yourself from a trip to the big-box home electronic stores and having to listen to experts read the feature list off the product tags for you. Save yourself from the trip to the audio/video salon and a hundred reasons why you need to buy the most expensive gear in the store. But definitely save yourself from spending too much money by stopping into Metro Pawn & Gun. There is no high-pressure sales pitch here, and we figure you can read the features off the sign yourself. But we do know our audio and video equipment, so tell us what you want your equipment to do and your desired budget, and we will provide the best fit for that need from our extensive inventory of quality components.

Aside from shopping for that great used TV, we can also provide cash loans for your electronics or purchase them outright if you prefer. We are pretty picky about the gear we take in, but…

  • TVs large and small
  • Home speakers
  • Speaker packages
  • Alarm clock radios
  • Home theater receivers
  • Home-theater-in-a-box systems
  • Disc players, DVD movies
  • Powered speaker sound bars
  • Karaoke equipment
…are all among the electronics we like to see in our store. Give us a call, send us a message or come on buy to see what we have to offer today.