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Collectible Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many people, young and old alike. Some focus on old coins and some on the newly minted. Others enjoy the variety of amassing coins from around the world, or a particular country of interest. Collectors range from the casual aficionado to the hardcore experts who will pay top dollar for what they seek. It can be a hobby that is easy on the checkbook or one that takes a fair level of financial investment. One thing is certain, if coins appeal to you, there is something to fit any and every budget or level of interest.

Coin collections themselves also range from the curiosity level to the fully cataloged and appraised. They can consist of coins collected out of interest and not necessarily monetary value or the pursuit of elusive, rare and very expensive coins. Interest often begins early in life, as it does with many hobbies. Perhaps a parent or relative shares their passion for coin collecting with a child, or maybe a youngster begins collecting coins that are different or unique among everyday pocket change. If nurtured, this hobby can become the source of much enjoyment and knowledge about history and numismatics, and can prove to be financially rewarding if developed into a serious hobby.

The market for rare coins is large and diverse. Collectors are always looking to upgrade their inventory, and those who may not be as interested in the hobby might be looking to liquidate what they have. This works well for both sides of the spectrum, as you can get the cash you want or the coins you need.

Here are some things to know no matter what reason you have for buying or selling coins:

Do some research

If you want to sell your coins, knowing what they might be worth and their particular story will help determine what you should agree to sell them for. If you are in the market to buy coins, having this knowledge will also guide you in making a sound purchase.

Never clean your coins

While restoring something to pristine condition may at times be desirable, this is not the case with coins. The original condition of a coin is a primary factor in determining its value. In fact, cleaning coins may not only reduce their worth, it may damage them, resulting in a complete loss.

Grading coins can be helpful

If you want to pawn or sell your coins, and you think you may have some that are very rare or desirable, you might want to consider having them professionally graded. Having that expert certification ensures you do not inadvertently accept an offer that is far below what the coin is actually worth. It also helps the pawnbroker determine whether they are willing to make an offer and what that offer will be.

Minnesota Coin Dealer

Coin collecting is both a fun hobby and one that can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Some people may be avid collectors while others may have just inherited a coin collection from a relative. Perhaps you are getting your kids interested in coin collecting and the history lessons that go along with it, or maybe you have just such a collection from when you were a kid. Whatever the case, these coins may be worth some money.

Properly grading coins can be a complex process. A silver coin might be worth nothing more than its weight in the precious metal or much more due to its scarcity, origin, vintage or mint location. We utilize many resources to accurately assess the value of the coins in our shop. Real-time pricing on precious metals, combined with extensive guides on coins and our experience in the field yield accurate estimations of value.

If you are interested in pawning or selling your coins, Metro Pawn & Gun offers cash for your coins in the form of a loan or outright purchase. If you are looking for rare coins to add to your portfolio, our sale prices are better than those at specialized coin dealers, and our selection always changes. We acquire anything from individual coins to entire collections. At times they may be common yet interesting coins, pre-1964 quarters and dimes, WWII nickels and pennies, or rare silver or gold coins that are in much higher demand. Our inventory is stocked with a vast array of collectible coins and we’re always on the lookout for rare specimens you may want to sell or pawn. This allows our customers to add to the fledgling coin collector’s stash or perhaps find that elusive prize for the master collector’s portfolio.

When you need some quick cash and have some coins you are willing to part with, we can help. We also have a wonderful selection of coinage if you are looking to buy, so stop by our store or contact us with any inquiries you may have. Either way, Metro Pawn & Gun should be your first stop when coins are on the radar!