For those of you who follow the gold market, remember back to January of 2000? The price of gold was a mere $288 per ounce! If you happened to be investing in gold at that point in time, looking at your portfolio in October of this year will be a delightful experience. Currently at $1280 per ounce, the value of your investment has over quadrupled in 17 years! There aren’t many other investments that can compare.

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Metro PawnMany people invest in the stock markets. Admittedly, there are some quick gains that can be made, but the losses can be equally dramatic. While your stocks in a particular venture appear to hold the promise of an early retirement, a sudden tribulation can cause their value to tank overnight, leaving you with an investment that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. With stocks, that retirement you dream of may be tied to the successes, failures, manipulations, and potential misrepresentations that we have seen so many times in the economic headlines. With gold, there is little room for error. It’s worth what it’s worth, and that’s what you have!

Unlike stocks, which generally tend to respond negatively to geopolitical disturbances, gold trends in the opposite direction. When economic, national or international instability occurs, stock markets plummet and precious metals rally. The price of gold is driven by many variables, including supply, demand, speculation, inflation, deflation, currency devaluation, and world events. But generally speaking, gold and other precious metals have continued to appreciate over the years. There are fluctuations within any given period of time, but if you look at a graph spanning 1985 to the present, you can see the historical trend, and there is little doubt that it’s not going backwards any time soon.

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Metro PawnThe popularity of gold as an investment mechanism has withstood the test of time. Used as currency throughout history until recent times, it remains a barometer of value despite the fact that countries, and governments simply print off billions in paper banknotes when they feel the need.

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