Brand new power tools are expensive!  An average power tool can easily cost hundred of dollars or more. Mechanics, construction workers, handymen, and even the typical homeowner employ a variety of power tools on a regular basis. Metro Pawn & Gun offers an alternative to these steep prices while maintaining the functionality that many trades rely on for their livelihood.

Unlike some things that people prefer to have in pristine condition, such as firearms, jewelry or stereo equipment, used power tools are not expected to be flawless. After all, a tool that gets used every day in a construction setting will not be cosmetically perfect, but as long as it functions properly and performs the job, it’s all good. And this is why power tools are so popular at Metro Pawn & Gun. Clients can enjoy the option of getting quick cash for tools they may not need, or save on purchasing tools they do.

Selling Tools

When you have a power tool that you no longer use, or have upgraded to something different, bring it in to Metro Pawn & Gun. If you need some quick cash, pawning your tools is always a good place to start. We are always looking to expand our inventory when you decide you no longer need certain tools, so we offer fair prices if you wish to sell them to us outright. Power tools are, and always will be, in demand.

Buying Tools

This can be helpful if you are looking to purchase power tools as well. The savings we can pass on enable buyers to acquire the tools they need and save a great deal of money in the process. We always test anything we take into our shop to ensure that it functions as intended, thus ensuring what you purchase will continue to operate for years to come. So why pay full retail prices for the shiny new tools you need?  They won’t be shiny any more after you put them to use!

Metro Pawn & Gun invites you to check out our amazing selection of tools and save money. If you need to pawn or sell, we can help you there as well. From power drills to saws to industrial tools, we have what you’re looking for. Our inventory is always changing, which makes our shop interesting to visit on a regular basis.

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