When it comes to versatility, there is no firearm that better meets the definition than a shotgun. Used for hunting, defense and sport shooting, this venerable platform has proven its worth in more ways than can be described.


Shotguns employ a wide range of operating mechanisms, including breech loading (with single or double barrels), pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action and semi-automatic. Popular modern bore sizes include .410, 20, 12 and 10-gauge, although other gauges can still be found in more specialized circles. The variety of loads available across the various gauges makes the weapon suitable for shooters of every size, age and disposition. Youth guns are typically .410 or 20-gauge, and might employ shorter length-of-pull stocks to accommodate the younger user.


Every finish and configuration is possible. You will find everything from the fully engraved, multi-thousand dollar double-barrel bird gun to the no-frills tactical pump-action shotgun for a few hundred dollars. Nearly infinite combinations of accessories can customize each gun to the specific needs of the operator, including optics, lights, stocks, forearms, slings, choke tubes and so forth.


The shotgun makes an ideal home defense weapon. Unlike high powered rifles, where over-penetration is of great concern in an urban environment, the shotgun is extremely effective at close range and mitigates the problem of projectiles travelling through three adjoining homes in the neighborhood. It is for this very reason that military and law enforcement personnel rely on the shotgun for various close-quarter engagements.


Skeet shooting, trap shooting and sporting clays are popular recreational shooting sports in which participants use shotguns to down various clay targets mechanically flung into the air. A steady hand and a great deal of precision are required to be competitive, giving rise to many clubs and organizations nationwide dedicated to this pursuit.


Firearms have been used for hunting as long as firearms have existed, and the shotgun is no exception. Effective and reliable, the hunting shotgun performs when you need it to, every time. With ammunition that is specifically designed for different applications, the hunter can tailor the shotgun’s capabilities and performance around the needs at hand.


Above all, however, you should own a shotgun because the 2nd Amendment ensures that right as a citizen of the United States of America.


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