Metro Pawn has a great selection of used shotguns. Our inventory of used shotguns changes weekly as demand is high in Minneapolis for value shotguns. Most often you can find a selection of Remington 870, Mossberg 500, and other quality shotguns on hand at any time. Stop in to our Minneapolis pawn shop location to view the current inventory of used shotguns.


Summer is a busy season for used shotguns in Minneapolis. Hunters trade in their shotguns and upgrade to higher end shotguns. We often see pump shotguns, like a Remingron 870 or Mossberg 500, being traded in for a semi-automatic Remington or Benelli shotgun. Serious bird hunters often use Benelli semi-automatic shotguns for duck, goose, and other bird hunting.


Deer hunters often have a preference for pump action magnum shotguns and rifled barrels. The Remington 870 Express shotguns are the most popular of this shotgun type as this product offers value, performance and incredible durability.


Sporing shooters often trade in hunting pump shotguns for performance semiautomatic shotguns such as a Benelli, VEPR or a Saiga. Benelli and Saiga shotguns are very popular for competitive 3-gun shooting leagues. 


Metro Pawn is your local Minneapolis gun dealer for any shotgun need. We will buy your current shotgun, sell you a used shotgun, sell you a new shotgun or accept your shotgun as collateral on a pawn loan. 

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