When  looking for various firearms, most have a fairly defined scope of operations. A long range, high powered rifle is specifically tasked with hitting targets at great distances. A semi-automatic pistol finds its purpose in close quarters encounters, such as law enforcement and personal protection. Rimfire rifles reign supreme in varmint control and target practice. Within each category, there are obviously some varied applications, but in general, you don’t hunt deer with a Glock nor do you plink rodents with a .338 Lapua tactical sniper rifle.

Enter the shotgun. There is likely no other firearm with as diverse a range of suitable applications as the shotgun. With various gauges, and within each of those a wide variety of loads from birdshot to slugs, the shotgun can be used for hunting anything from water fowl to large game. It is undoubtedly the most prolific firearm used for hunting, and has been for generations.

This same multi-purpose firearm is a staple of many shooting sports such a trap and skeet. Young shooters often partake in such disciplines as part of extracurricular school activities, and some go on to become well-recognized in the sport shooting arts. Youth models of many shotguns cater to younger users, and with manageable recoil and appropriate sizing, serve to introduce themselves to this particular demographic.

No military or law enforcement endeavor would be complete without the venerable shotgun. From military operations overseas to the urban jungles of today’s cities, operators rely on the proven effectiveness and reliability of the shotgun in their day-to-day responsibilities. With devastating effectiveness, those who put their lives on the line every day consider their shotguns pretty much family.

Completing the circle, the shotgun is also part of many well-planned home defense scenarios. With the pistol requiring much greater proficiency to operate accurately in high-stress encounters, and most rifles not being an optimal choice for close-quarters deployment, the shotgun again proves its worth as a viable and reliable firearm for home defense.

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