When some people shop for an engagement ring or other adornment, they feel compelled to visit the most reputable jewelry store they can find, and often just accept the fact that they will be paying a premium for their purchase. But this doesn’t always have to break the bank. Everything we purchase is thoroughly evaluated on condition and value, thus ensuring that you will be pleased with your purchase. You get the quality and reputation of a five star jeweler, without the top shelf price!


Jewelry is a fascinating commodity. Most items are unique to some extent, as they are a product of a designer’s vision and creativity. Since this vision and talent is not restricted by the framework of an assembly line, every piece gets to shine in a light of its own. We carry a fantastic selection of used, attractively priced jewelry at Metro Pawn and Gun. Rings and bracelets, necklaces and earrings, wrist watches and pocket timepieces - gold, silver and platinum – we have them all. Whether you fancy gemstones or more spartan designs forged of precious metals, our selection will delight you or the recipient of your purchase alike. Our supply of merchandise is always in motion, so be sure to visit our store often and see what we have available. 


If you have old jewelry that you no longer wear, that doesn’t fit, or simply isn’t in style any more, we can offer you a fair price for it. Precious metals and gems hold their value well, so you may be surprised what something that was lying around at the bottom of your dresser drawer might be worth. Use the proceeds to invest in something more appealing for yourself or a loved one, or apply it to something else that you want or need. Our inventory is sure to keep you interested regardless of what you may be shopping for.


Aside from being able to find a tremendous value on a spectacular piece, buying used jewelry is seen as an investment by some. After all, most jewelry is composed of precious metals and precious or semi-precious gems. Some folks will purchase jewelry or scrap items with the intent or turning them into a new creation in a jeweler’s crucible at some point in the future.


When you want quality jewelry but don’t to pay full jewelry store prices – stop in to Metro Pawn & Gun. Buy, pawn or sell in a friendly, inviting environment!

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