With spring upon us, many of us get that itch to upgrade our car audio equipment. Perhaps you are looking at getting a new head unit, stepping up your speakers or adding a subwoofer. In any case, Metro Pawn & Gun is where you need to go. Car audio equipment is a very popular product category in our shop, so you can sell or pawn your existing equipment for some quick cash which you can then use to purchase the equipment you want at a discounted price. We always have a fine selection of car audio gear on hand, so chances are you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for. We have assembled a few tips so you can get top dollar for your equipment:


We pay top dollar for items that are in great shape. You wouldn’t want to purchase something that looks like it’s been yanked out of a salvage vehicle, and no-one else does either. Minor cosmetic blemishes may affect the price somewhat, but as long as the equipment appears to have been taken care of, we will offer you a fair price.

Manuals, Parts and Packaging

Having the original packaging, manuals and any other supporting paperwork greatly improves the chances of getting a great price on your pawn or sale. If your product came with any accessories such as a wiring harness, fuses, external controls or mounting hardware, be sure to include those when you bring your item into the shop. The more complete a product is the more desirable it becomes, for us and our clients.


We are not a repair shop; therefore the equipment you bring in must be fully operational. We test all electronic items for proper operation as part of our commitment to offering great products and providing our clients with complete satisfaction when they make a purchase from us.

Once a satisfactory agreement has been reached, we invite you to browse through the car audio equipment we have for sale. Since we observe the conditions listed above every time we accept something in pawn or sale, you are guaranteed to have quality and proper operation in whatever you select. Our staff is also very knowledgeable in all aspects of car audio, so if you have questions regarding components or features, we can help. Make Metro Pawn & Gun your spring car audio upgrade center – you’ll be glad you did!

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