A revolver is defined as a repeating handgun that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers for ammunition and at a barrel for firing. The rounds may be fired by cocking a hammer manually for each shot or by pulling the trigger rearward repetitively to advance the revolving cylinder. These mechanics are known as single-action or double-action. Single-action revolvers can only be fired by cocking the hammer and then releasing it with the trigger. Single/double action revolvers still have an exposed hammer that can be cocked, facilitating either style of shooting, while others enclose the mechanism entirely in the body of the firearm, making them double-action only. It comes down to a matter of preference mostly, but having the single-action capability is typically favored by people who hunt or shoot competitively, as it take far less effort to drop the hammer with the trigger than having to pull the trigger through both phases of the action.

The earliest examples of this type of firearm were first created in Germany in the late 16th century. Due to mechanical inefficiency such as having to advance the ammunition cylinder manually and prohibitive costs, they were not widely accepted. However, in 1836 an American named Samuel Colt patented a revolutionary mechanism, a mechanically indexing cylinder, which propelled the revolver into world-wide use. And the rest is history as they say… From famous models such as the Webley, the Colt Single Action Army, and the “Dirty Harry” Smith & Wesson Model 29 – to modern masterpieces like the Kimber K6s and the Smith & Wesson Model 500, the revolver holds its place as an integral part of firearms history and for the future as well.

Prolific use of the revolver throughout history has made it among the most recognizable of all firearms. Its simplicity and reliability persist to this day, enjoying popularity among law enforcement and the private sector for defense, hunting and sporting applications. One thing that makes revolvers so popular is that they always work. Short of having some type of catastrophic malfunction, there is little that can go wrong. The round is fired, the cylinder advances, the next round is fired. No jammed rounds, no failures to feed, no magazine springs to worry about.

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