Long range rifles are often used for hunting or sport shooting, and there are many options to choose from. Available in bolt-action, auto-loading and even single shot flavors, there are many calibers and accessories to work with.

Every firearm is an investment, but getting into a long range rifle doesn’t have to break the bank. At the utility level, a capable .308 bolt-action rifle with entry level scope can be acquired for several hundred dollars. At the enthusiast level, you can spend many thousands, as is the case with any hobbies that are taken to the edge of the envelope. It all comes down to the application for which the rifle would be used.


For some, this purpose may be general hunting of average fauna such as deer, elk or hog at average distances. Common rounds such as the .308 or 30-06 will typically suffice for the accuracy, range and knockdown power required. For others, it may involve the 1200 yard shot that earns the hunter a magazine article. Cartridges like the .300 Winchester Magnum or the .375 CheyTac are not only suitable for Grizzly bears or moose, but would probably take out a young T-Rex should you find one.


Competition shooting is a sport for which long range rifles are well suited. ELR (Extreme Long Range) shooting events hone participants to accurately and consistently hit targets at ranges at one mile or more. Optics and skill play a tremendous role as shooting at these ranges requires calculations that factor in wind, temperature, pressure, humidity and other variables. But just imagine the satisfaction of hearing a “ding” from the steel gong several seconds after pulling the trigger!


Military and law enforcement commonly utilize long range rifles as part of daily operations. From sniper rifles to bunker busters like the .50 BMG, there’s a tool for every job. At times, certain rifles of this family can serve a dual-purpose in civilian use for home defense. For example, the auto-loading AR-10 which is chambered in .308 can reach out and touch targets at extreme distances, but can also function just as well in a close range threat scenario.

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