Metro Pawn is your Minneapolis gun dealer pawn shop for new and used rifles. We have heirloom rifles, quality precision rifles, and value rifles in our Minneapolis pawn shop. Our inventory changes often and stopping into our location is your best bet to see the current gun inventory.

Many of our customers trade in their entry level rifle for a precision tactical rifle after mastering the entry rifle. We see a lot of Savis Axis rifles and Ruger Rifles being traded in for Remington 700 rifles, Savage Model 11 rifles and a number of other precision rifles. Our used rifle selection is an ideal option for you to purchase a well maintained rifle for less than the cost of a new rifle. 

Many rifles are traded in with little use of them. We see large caliber rifles being traded in by older gentlemen who can no longer withstand the recoil. A Tikka T3 Lite in 300SWM is a 7 pound rifle and kicks like a mule. A lightweight customer will have a much harder time absorbing the recoil then a heavyweight customer. Sometimes being 300 pounds has it's advantages.

We have a good selection of .22 rifles, from Marlins to Rugers. Stop in today to find your next plinking rifle.

Metro Pawn has the knowledgeable sales staff on hand to answer your gun questions.

Contact us today and inquire about our used rifles.

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