With the nationwide ammunition shortage showing no signs of getting better any time soon, some people have turned to reloading as a possible solution. What are the pros and cons, and is it really a viable option?

The Cost
$250 - $500 will probably get you started, but this largely depends on what you intend to reload, and what kind of equipment you get. You can spend upwards of $1500 or more if you get into more elaborate gear. This is the most expensive part of the entire endeavor, and despite the potential future savings over factory ammunition, it will take some time to absorb the initial startup expenditure. There are also recurring costs for supplies you’ll need as you continue to reload.

The Difficulty
Reloading is not for everyone. Candidates include people who shoot or train extensively, expending large quantities of ammunition, or those who prefer some level of specificity in their ammunition options. This may include competitive or extra long range shooting sports which require the highest degree of accuracy possible. More importantly, reloading is a very precise science. An error anywhere in the process could have lethal consequences – so you definitely need to know what you’re doing!

The Savings
Reloading certain types of ammo can save you money. For example, a 50-count box of 44 Magnum currently retails for around $60, providing anyone has it in stock. Reloading the same would have cost you around $15 – before the world fell apart, that is. The price of bullets, primers, casings and powder has also risen as factory ammo disappeared from store shelves. Even prior to the supply crisis, the savings were not as significant for other types of ammo, and in some cases, even cost more to load your own.

How can Metro Pawn & Gun help?

Metro Pawn & Gun carries a wide range of firearms and accessories. Our inventory varies from day to day, so we invite you to stop in and see what we have. Who knows – you might get lucky and find some ammunition (we try our best to find what’s available), or even reloading equipment that someone may have decided to part with. And if you’re fortunate enough to already own a good supply of ammunition – we definitely have a new firearm or two that you can add to your collection!

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