Today’s rifles address a variety of applications, from hunting to law enforcement to recreational shooting. Depending on the platform and the caliber, these weapons can be effective and close, intermediate or long distances.

The type of rifle needed is generally determined by the application. For example, if the intended use is to hone shooting techniques at local ranges, performance at 100 or 200 yards should be expected. Hunting larger game at distances of 200-600 yards will likely call for a different caliber, capable of longer ranges and providing more terminal power. Now if you need to reach out and touch something at more than 600, or even 1000+ yards, you will definitely be looking at rifles and calibers designed specifically with long distance shooting in mind.

It should be noted that a rifle capable of hitting targets at 1000 yards can also be used at a 100 yard range effectively, but one that is geared specifically for shorter ranges will not do what you need at distance. Similarly, every caliber has a maximum range, but its effectiveness depends in large part on ballistic coefficient and energy. A .308 round will travel over two miles at sea level, but one can generally say it will have exponentially diminished accuracy and potency beyond 600 yards.

When discussing ultra-long range shooting, calibers like .300 WIN MAG, .338 Lapua, .408 Cheytac, Barrett’s .416, and the .50 BMG come to mind. While rifles for common calibers such as .308 are equally common, specialized calibers and specialized rifles go hand-in-hand. Not only is the range and effectiveness of these platforms greatly enhanced, but one can say that so is the cost. The price per-trigger pull of .50 BMG can be upwards of $3.00 per round, as compared to pennies per round for many other calibers.

So what are the applications for rifles capable of such extreme performance? From the northern Rockies to the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, the American West provides some of the most challenging large-game hunting experiences in a wide variety of terrain. Law Enforcement relies on absolute precision in situations where there can be absolutely no compromise in performance. And Long Range Competition Shooting events are gaining popularity nationwide. One such example is The Palma Match, in which shooters compete at distances of 800, 900, and 1000 yards.

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