If you hunt or enjoy shooting sports, rifles are part of your vocabulary, and the term encompasses a vast array of equipment. You can have a .22LR for 30 yard plinking at the range or a .50BMG for destroying virtually anything at up to 1,800 yards. Actually, the record stands at 3,871 yards using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle. And there are hundreds of options between these two.


The type of rifle best suited for hunting depends on the game. Small game and varmints can often be taken with a rifle of modest caliber, while larger game generally requires a heavier caliber to be effective, especially at the longer distances that are usually involved. Depending on skill and preference, hunting can be done with virtually any type of rifle, from bolt-action to semi-automatic and even single-shot, lever-action or black powder.

Shooting Sports

Whether you compete in a league or just enjoy a day at the range, honing your marksmanship skills can be done with whichever rifle you enjoy shooting most and diligent practice. Certain categories of competitive shooting require specific rifles, while general recreational range time is more about enjoying the firearms experience and can be appreciated by all who participate.

Home Defense

Personal protection is another application that the rifle is well suited for. Handguns are an obvious choice for concealed carry and close-quarters threat mitigation, but the rifle has its place here as well.  Platforms such as the AR-15 are versatile enough to be used in a home defense scenario, but can also effectively neutralize targets several hundred yards away. When life and death become part of the equation, knowledge and proficiency become absolutely critical, regardless of the type of firearm employed. Our 2nd Amendment right comes with a moral obligation to defend and protect, and an ethical responsibility for the reasonable use of such actions should they become necessary.

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