The word "rifle" originally referred to the pattern of grooves called ‘rifling’ cut into the inside of the barrel. Rifles are used in warfare, defensive operations, hunting and shooting sports. At Metro Pawn and Gun we stock a large variety of rifles, including bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, sporting rifles and collectible or antique rifles.

A rifle is a firearm designed to be shoulder-fired, with a barrel that has a helical pattern of grooves called ‘rifling’ cut into the inside. These grooves make contact with the projectile as it is propelled through the barrel, imparting spin around an axis corresponding to the orientation of the weapon. When the bullet leaves the barrel, this spin imparts stability to its flight and prevents it from tumbling, thereby improving range and accuracy. 

If you’re thinking about buying a rifle, you will need to consider a number of variables, including your physical attributes, your level of experience, the application for which the firearm is to be used, and your available budget.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you understand the many available choices to purchase a rifle that is best suited to you specifically, all while getting you the best possible value for the money spent.  Which of the hundreds of available calibers is best for you?  Will you be using it for hunting, home defense, target practice or other competitive shooting sports? Should you invest in an autoloader or a bolt action rifle?  What are the benefits of a long barrel as opposed to a shorter one? 

In addition to rifles, new and old, we provide various accessories including scopes, slings, hard or soft cases, ammunition, and other necessary supplies. Whether you’re a hunter or just want to go have fun at the range, we definitely have something that will appeal to your needs!

Metro Pawn & Gun is your destination for rifles

We also purchase or pawn used rifles (or any used guns) for cash. Whether you need to upgrade, need to downsize, or just need a loan, bring down your firearms today and we will make you an offer!  Due to the rate at which we buy and sell, our inventories are very dynamic, and you may not see the same selection two days in a row!  Stop by and see why shopping with us is a real blast!


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