If you have ever stood in the ammunition aisle of your favorite firearms dealer and wondered which of the many choices are best for your particular gun, you are not alone.  Not only is there a variety of brands, there is also a diverse range of specs – different bullet weights, various bullet types, specific primers, brass or steel cases – the list goes on.

Some basic terminology

Once you have found the proper caliber, you will then need to determine which ammunition is most suitable for your particular application.

  • Full Metal Jacket:  A projectile in which the core of the bullet in enclosed in a metallic cover, or jacket. These are mostly used for target shooting or military applications.
  • Hollow Point:  A bullet with a small cavity in the nose which facilitates expansion of the jacket and bullet upon impact. Hollow point cartridges are typically used for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement use.
  • Wadcutter:  A cylindrical bullet design often having a flat nose intended to cut paper targets cleanly. It is generally used for target practice.
  • Armor Piercing:  A projectile intended to pierce armor of various types, including steel, Kevlar or other types of ballistic materials. These can be designated as “light armor piercing” or “heavy armor piercing”, based on their intended effectiveness in defeating armor.  The projectiles are constructed entirely, or have a core composed of one or a combination of alloys, including steel, iron, brass, bronze and other materials.
  • Reloadable:  Brass cased rounds can typically be reloaded a number of times, whereas steel cased rounds are not likely to last through many resizing and reloading cycles. Reloading is very popular among recreational target shooters, competitive shooters, and hunters. In addition to being cost-effective, reloading enables shooters to customize their ammunition for particular shooting requirements.
  • Primer: The ignition component of ammunition. It creates a spark when hit by the firing pin, igniting the powder and propelling the bullet down the barrel. Boxer primers are the most common in commercially available ammunition, and can be reloaded easily. Berdan primed ammo can still be reloaded, although the process is rather involved and cannot be performed without specialized equipment.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

Metro Pawn & Gun carries various types of ammunition for many of the most popular firearms on the market. If you have questions regarding what is best suited for your specific application, be sure to ask!  Our staff can help answer any questions you may have and can help select the right ammunition for your needs.

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