A gun without ammunition is just an item for display. Hunters, sport shooters and citizens who stand by our right to bear arms all rely on having a supply of high quality ammunition to keep their firearms viable. Proficiency is gained at the range, and going to the range requires ammunition. Will one box of ammo get you to a level of expertise that is required to be considered a ‘good shot’? Absolutely not.

As with any pursuit, practice makes perfect – lots of practice. What could be more disappointing than sitting in your freezing blind for hours on opening day, then missing your quarry because you are not an accomplished shooter? Presenting a poor performance at your local gun club’s marksmanship competition can be equally discouraging. But these experiences pale in comparison to the potentially tragic consequences of not being properly qualified should you find yourself in a situation that calls for the use of deadly force. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is not an endeavor in which 90% is good enough. You need to be on your ‘A game’ 100% of the time when anyone’s life is on the line. Ask any police officer or member of the military how often they train with their firearms – over and over and over – and then once again. Depending on your level of experience, an average day at the range will expend several hundred rounds of ammunition. Whatever skills are acquired must also be maintained. If you don’t shoot regularly, your performance will tarnish over time. It is no different than playing an instrument or participating in sports. The time invested pays off when you get a standing ovation at your recital performance, or score the winning goal for your team.

We have a wide variety of ammunition available for most popular calibers. Our stock always changes, so please call for availability or stop by to see what we have. Metro Pawn & Gun scrupulously observes all state, federal, and local laws regarding guns and ammunition sales. Stock up today!

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