With stores being devoid of most ammunition for nearly an entire year now, many people are wondering when, if ever, we would see the shelves stocked again. While still very difficult to find, there is a slow trickle starting to make its way to some retailers. Nearly always accompanied by strict limits on the amount purchased and often behind the counter, the fact that there is any at all is promising. Perhaps there is a light at the ‘end of the barrel’…

What happened?

Demand simply out-paced supply across the board. For example, there are only several primer manufacturers in the US, and demand far exceeded their production capabilities. Without primers, you cannot produce ammunition. Also, inventories of brass cases and powder across the country were depleted. The industry responded by ramping up production to the fullest extent of their capabilities, yet demand still outstripped supply. Another factor which contributed to the shortage was the COVID-19 pandemic. Ammunition factories were hit particularly hard by various ‘social distancing’ measures and quarantines and this decreased their output.

So why is demand so high? The simple answer is people are scared and stockpiling. Social unrest and an administration unfriendly to the 2
nd Amendment along with millions of American gun owners are factors at the core of these fears. In addition, millions of first-time gun buyers have been added to the pool of consumers over the past year. This is evident in the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) reports over time. In 2019 there were 28,369,750 firearm transfers processed through NICS. In 2020 this skyrocketed to 39,695,315! New records are being set through 2021 as people continue buying firearms at an unprecedented rate. The more firearms that are out there, the greater the demand for ammunition.

Have a plan:

Take inventory of what you currently have, then determine what you really need the most. Remember, there is a difference between what you “need” and what you “would like” to have.

Find alternatives to training with hard-to-find ammunition. There are various electronic training solutions that can be integrated into actual firearms, or perhaps using an alternate caliber you may have in abundance, such as .22LR etc.

Visit stores frequently, learn delivery schedules and be proactive in acquiring necessary amounts of the ammunition you need. While it might be nice to have 5,000 rounds of ammo for your
handgun or rifle, it is not truly necessary to protect yourself and your family. Panic buying was one of the contributing factors in the shortage, so learn from these events.

How can Metro Pawn & Gun help?
Metro Pawn & Gun makes every effort to secure and make available whatever ammunition we can find.

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