"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..." - Thomas Jefferson

These carefully crafted words define the natural rights of American citizenry to self-defense and resistance to oppression, internal or external, and the civic duty to act in the defense of the state should that become necessary.

However, in the twenty-first century, much debate has arisen between those who live by these rights and those who wish to abolish them. Advocates of gun control come in many flavors, ranging from those who strive to redefine what was originally intended by these words, to those whose goal it is to categorically disarm the American populace.

The most common rallying cry involves allusion to high-profile acts of violence involving firearms. It is argued that certain types of weapons are more inherently “dangerous” than others, and thus should be banned or regulated by the Federal Government. This gun control lobby is remiss to mention several key talking points due to the fact that they would systematically discredit their narrative. Among them, cities like Chicago that have some of the more stringent gun control laws in the country still have a violent crime rate far above the national average. The carnage wrought upon this country on 9-11 was facilitated by the use of box-cutters and a radical ideology, not firearms. Even vehicles have been used to kill and injure innocents in large numbers. If the evil intent is there, the means will always be found to bring these twisted plans to fruition.

Lessons from History
Furthermore, some of the most ruthless atrocities conducted by governments upon their own people were enabled by first ensuring their populations were disarmed, thus nullifying the capacity to resist – Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein, the list goes on and on… Our Second Amendment ensures that we ourselves will never suffer such oppressions, be they internal or external. And this rings closer to home now than ever before in our history.

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