When you’ve decided that it’s time to tie the knot with that significant person in your life, the ‘to-do’ list suddenly gets quite long, and rather expensive. Wedding dress, tuxedo, venue rental, food catering and invitations – the list goes on. Oh, and of course, wedding rings!  Depending on many variables, a wedding ring can set you back into the financial Stone Age!  But it doesn’t always have to be that way. While some couples may decide to take the frugal path in terms of the shiny things, visiting Metro Pawn & Gun can definitely extend the mileage you get out of your checkbook.

Let’s look at opportunity cost. This is a basic economic principle defined as the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. You walk into a prestigious jewelry salon and find that wedding ring of your dreams, for $5000. While most people might not second-guess putting a ‘price’ on something as special as a wedding, the reality of the matter is that if you spend $3000 on one instead, you’ll have $2000 of potential resources to allocate to something else – like the catering, or the reception hall, or the honeymoon!

It is truly inconsequential whether the ring you choose comes from a big-name jeweler or a pawn shop. A diamond is still a diamond by any other name. Our selection of fine jewelry probably all came from the same big-name jewelers originally, but through the twists and turns of life, ended up in our inventory. It is about personal preference, sense of style, and the reason behind choosing to spend your life together with that special person.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

Whether we take an item of jewelry in pawn, or purchase it outright from our clients, we thoroughly examine its quality, condition, weight, carat, purity and setting. It is in this way that we determine its value. So when you browse through our selection, everything you need to know to make a sound buying decision will already have been determined.

Shopping for wedding rings at Metro Pawn & Gun is really no different than doing so at the jewelry store – except for the price! Would you rather pay more for something of equal quality, or splurge a bit more on the other amenities of this special event? Many a satisfied customer will tell you they’re glad they chose us. We invite you to stop in and have a look – you won’t be disappointed!

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