People’s preferences in firearms vary as greatly as the type of firearms that exist. Some collect old and  vintage guns, while others prefer modern sporting or hunting weapons. Either way Americans have loved firearms since the very foundation of our country, and that is not about to change any time soon.

If you’re into competitive target shooting, autoloading rifles with high capacities and rates of fire, or bolt-action rifles that can split matchsticks at 1000 yards, then you may not be a fan of the lever-action rifle. Modern semi-auto and bolt action rifles are generally more accurate and can be customized and accessorized in more ways. But “some things just don’t need fixin’…” as they would say back in the day.

Although the first ever lever-action rifle was said to be produced between 1837 and 1841, the first truly significant design was the Spencer Repeating Rifle designed in 1860. It was a magazine-fed, lever-operated, breech-loading rifle, and set the stage for the lever-action platform that continues to this day. That’s a pretty long production life cycle!

If you appreciate history and nostalgia, then chances are you own or want to own one of these lever guns. Old western movies glamorized this repeating rifle in the hands of icons like John Wayne, and made many a stand against the nefarious posse to prevail in the end. This gun could put food on your table, protect you family and do justice to those experiencing a deficit of decency. From the days of the Wild West to the modern day gun shop, the lever-action rifle persists. While it cannot beat a match-grade sniper rifle, a lever-action in the hands of a skilled shooter can be accurate and effective, even today.

So whether your passion lies with a vintage lever-action rifle or a current production model, the thrill of this venerable firearm can still be yours. With brand new rifles starting at under $500, they are able to cycle modern ammunition and have the latest rifle design technologies incorporated while maintaining the look and feel of the classic.

Metro Pawn & Gun always has a great selection of rifles on hand, and we do see some lever-action pieces come through on occasion. There is something for everyone, and the selection changes frequently, which makes it more fun to browse through regularly.

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