The average pawn loan nationally ranges between $100 and $150. What a pawn shop will pay for something also varies from shop to shop, depending on how desirable an item is, and how much the pawn broker feels he can sell it for. So what can you possibly bring in that will net you some substantial cash? Let’s start by saying your 15 year old VCR is probably NOT going to be part of this discussion.

Gold and silver bullion: There are few things today that maintain their value as well as precious metals. They actually appreciate over time, unlike other commodities which just depreciate until they have no value at all.

Gold and silver coins: As stated above, the intrinsic value of the gold and silver content of coins will hold its own, and depending on the scarcity and condition, can fetch even more than just the value of the metal itself.

Jewelry:  Diamonds, other precious stones and precious metals make jewelry a great asset. Of course, it depends of karat, weight, condition and other factors, but jewelry is certainly a category that never goes out of style.

Firearms: Hunting, recreational shooting and self defense applications keep firearms of all types in high demand. Weapons in great, functional condition hold their value well, and antique firearms hold the interest of collectors and aficionados alike. Since firearms are generally expensive, this puts them in a higher dollar category by default.

Tools: Large power tools or sets of tools generally do very well. An individual wrench may not bring much by itself, but a complete mechanics tool set is another story. Likewise, a rechargeable weed trimmer is not the ticket to retirement, but a $2000 snow blower will definitely make your wallet a bit thicker.

Metro Pawn & Gun is successful because we offer fair prices for your items, and offer great value on the things we sell.


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