When purchasing gold coins, bullion or jewelry, pawn shops are an excellent option. If you go to a jewelry store, you are most certainly paying top dollar for whatever you buy there, even if it is advertised as “on sale”. Coin shops also tend to charge maximum prices for their goods, and understandably so – they are in it to make money, and their costs are likely higher than what pawn shops can acquire certain items for. Another factor to consider is that the variety of inventory at a pawn shop is usually more diverse. Retail stores often have a fairly set inventory – they carry certain products and then reorder them once they sell. A pawn shop may not have two of the same item, nor might an item that is there today be there tomorrow. Many customers will visit their favorite shop frequently as not to miss that ‘special’ item that might be gone before they know it.

If you prefer to invest in gold jewelry rather than coins or bullion bars, a pawn shop is among the best places to buy it. When a piece of jewelry falls into disuse, it will most frequently end up at a pawn shop. For example, Metro Pawn & Gun has a tremendous array of gold jewelry for sale. Whether you are looking to get a ring for your significant other or just adding to your portfolio of precious metals, we have something for you.

Anything purported to be made of precious metal is tested before we take it in pawn or sale. This assures us and our clients that nothing we hold is counterfeit. We make every effort to ‘get the story’ behind each item we offer, and are diligent in doing our research in order to answer any questions you may have.

Another great benefit of purchasing your gold from a pawn shop is the immediate gratification and extra security of having the gold in your hand as your leave the store. No need to wait for your online purchase to arrive, no worries about it possibly not arriving, no concerns with using your check or credit card, and no prying corporate eyes to interest themselves in your affairs. Many investors choose to conduct their gold purchases face-to-face with pawn shops for this reason.

Metro Pawn & Gun invites you to come and see what we have to offer. Start up a gold coin collection, build up your retirement stash or just get some really awesome jewelry for a great price. We have something for everyone!


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