Are you concerned about your handgun's care and safety? That means that you're a responsible gun owner. Gun owners should be constantly ensuring that their guns are in a safe place and that they've been properly prepared for storage. Here are a few tips to follow.

Treat Your Gun As Though Loaded At All Times
Remember: your gun is always loaded. Even if you just finished unloading it yourself, your gun should always be pointed away from living things. Gun owners can frequently forget that their gun is loaded or could think their gun is unloaded even though there's still a bullet available. A single mistake could cost an individual a life.

Invest in a Handgun Safe 
A handgun safe is an absolute necessity for the proper storage of your handgun. Not only will your handgun keep your gun out of the hands of children, but it will also ensure that your gun cannot be stolen and then used against you. Your handgun should never be outside of your safe unless it is actively being cleaned, maintained, or used.

Store Your Ammunition Separately

Your ammo should be stored in a completely separate safe that is in another location. By doing this, you ensure that even if an individual is somehow able to open your handgun safe, they still won't be able to load your gun. Of course, if your handgun is available for the purposes of self-defense, you will still need to check to make sure you can easily get to both it and the ammunition.

Get a Gun Locking Device

A gun locking device essentially locks the firearm down so that it cannot be used. This is an additional layer of safety that should be used with a safe rather than as a replacement for it. Gun locking devices can also be used when transporting a weapon from home to the range or when otherwise concerned that the gun may fall into the wrong hands.

Owning a handgun is both a right and a responsibility. By following the above tips, you can enjoy the safety of your weapon while reducing your own personal risk. If you need a handgun or related safety accessories -- such as a safe -- visit Metro Pawn and Gun today.

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