Since Metro Pawn & Gun offers a complete inventory of firearms, it is logical that we would provide support for a variety of firearm training and permit courses. We have a relationship with an independent contractor, Bold Enterprises, LLC, who provides Minnesota State approved firearms training for Conceal & Carry permits.


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  There is no better way to exercise your 2nd Amendment right than to own and carry a firearm!  Protect yourself and your loved ones within the letter of the law – it is this obligation that ensures we remain the "land of the free." 


Begin with their Minnesota Permit to Carry Class, and expand to Utah and Florida classes which then allow you to legally and safely carry in 42 states!  Bold Enterprises offer the following services to our clients:


  • Classroom and online MN Permit to Carry classes with a $10.00 discount for military personnel and their families.

  • Minnesota Permit to Carry classes.

  • Utah Permit to Carry classes.

  • Florida Permit to Carry classes.

  • Women’s-Only classes - a comprehensive Ladies Day at the Range, as well as private classes for individuals or groups.

  • Private Group and Advanced classes.

  • Custom Private Group classes for specialized applications.

  • Marksmanship training.

  • Tactical Carry classes.

  • Hunters Gun Safety class - DNR Firearms Safety classes for your MN Firearms Safety Certificate.

  • MN DNR Firearms Safety classes.



All of Bold’s instructors, aside from having to meet the stringent requirements of their own syllabus, must also be currently qualified as Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Instructors and have the NRA’s Range Safety Officers certification.  They also will perform specialized training including advanced and personalized one-on-one training.



The staff at Metro Pawn & Gun feels that if you intend to carry a firearm at any point in time, you ABSOLUTELY need to take and pass the relevant courses offered by Bold Enterprises.  When your life and the lives of others are in your hands, proper training and discipline are not only essential, but can be the difference between life and death.  Just ask our sales representatives for more information or a schedule for when the next class is being held.


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