A concealed carry permit holder is a law-abiding individual who can lawfully carry a firearm with them, observing all rules and regulations governing the privilege, and one who has completed all required qualification courses to become a permit holder. Among the most prolific questions most permit holders have is “what is the best handgun for concealed carry?” There is no single answer to this query, but instead a series of additional questions that must be asked to determine what would be the best fit.

Who will be carrying?  Every person has different physical characteristics, which in good part can rule in or out certain firearms. Larger calibers have more pronounced recoil whereas smaller caliber handgun can be more manageable for a person with petite hands or less arm strength. We recommend shooting various caliber handguns to ascertain your physical abilities. In order to shoot effectively, you must be able to control the weapon and feel totally comfortable with its operation.

How will you be carrying? There is a plethora of carry options on the market, from concealed holsters to belly bands to fanny-packs to purses and other apparatus. Whichever means you select, several things must prevail: the weapon must be secure, it must be easily accessible and it must be comfortable. Experiment with a variety of holsters or other apparel designed with gun-carry in mind. If it takes you a minute to withdraw your weapon or if the weapon is gouging into your ribs as you walk, it is not the right solution.

What caliber is best? Every caliber is deadly. The caliber that is best is the one you can handle effectively. In a self-defense scenario, a .38 revolver will stop your assailant as will the .45 autoloader. Many may argue about the ballistics and penetration variables and so forth, but keep in mind that a gun you can’t control is as ineffective as not having one at all, possibly worse. Carrying a weapon is a commitment and an enormous responsibility, neither of which can be taken lightly.

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where the use of deadly force becomes necessary, having an ill chosen handgun or an inefficient carrying solution could prove disastrous. Metro Pawn & Gun invites you to check out our amazing selection of handguns, holsters and accessories. Discuss your needs with our experts and take home the firearm that best fits your abilities and your intended application.

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