If you currently possess or intend to acquire a permit to carry a gun, a common question that often arises is “what is the best handgun for concealed carry?” A number of topics must be considered to make an educated and appropriate decision.

Individual fit.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to firearm carry. Just as we all wear different sized clothes, there are many variables to consider in determining the best “fit” for your firearm. Handguns come in all different shapes and sizes, and in order to properly and effectively handle the weapon, it must be comfortable to hold and operate. If it feels like an extension of your hand, then that is a good place to start.


The selection of a handgun will likely differ between an avid, experienced shooter versus someone who does not have the same level of experience. For example, the mechanical operation of a semi-automatic handgun and a revolver are dramatically different. One involves cycling of the action, magazine manipulation, and clearing potential jams while the other consists of primarily squeezing the trigger. In a high-stress encounter where deadly force may be deployed, one must be totally certain that the weapon can be operated effectively.

Most effective caliber.

Truly, the most effective caliber is the one that you can perform well with. Every caliber is deadly, but keep in mind that a gun you can’t control is as ineffective as not having one at all. We suggest trying different handguns and different calibers – familiarize yourself with the types of recoil you’ll experience, and practice, practice, practice!

Method of concealed carry. 

There are many carry options on the market, from concealed holsters to carry-friendly clothing to purses and more. Whichever carry option you select, the weapon must be secure, it must be easily accessible and it must be comfortable. With any choice that is made, speed is a critical element. When seconds count, not being able to efficiently access your firearm could have disastrous consequences. Whether you roll with a highly specialize appendix-carry rig or a fanny-pack, training to maximize proficiency is essential.

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