Carrying a concealed firearm is something to not get complacent about. You need to remain dedicated to your responsibility. Be safe, be aware of your surroundings, and remember that you carry to save your life or the life of another. Some people make simple mistakes that can easily be corrected with the right training and equipment.


Carrying a concealed gun can leave an outline, or profile, in your clothing. This gun profile can alert observant people that you may be carrying a firearm. You will find that concealed gun profiles often occur when a gun is in a pocket or tucked in the waist line. Having the correct holster can make the difference in allowing your gun to blend in with your body or not.



Inside the Waistband Holster

IWB holsters are very popular for seasoned CCW people. IWB holsters are made by a number of manufacturers, use a wide range of materials, have different styles and accommodate different types of guns. IWB holsters are great for slim firearms, like the 1911 and Springfield XD-S models. Some people that carry IWB find that a soft, yet rigid holster, matched with a thin medium-to-full frame pistol is ideal. Some people find that an IWB holster is not ideal if the person is a little overweight.

The IWB experience is highly personal. You really need to try a few holsters to get a good feel for what works for your body shape and how you move.

Picket Holster

Pocket holsters are holsters that fit in your pocket and are used most often with subcompact pistols and revolvers. Pocket holsters keep the pistol from moving around. A good pocket holster will keep your firearm in the right position at all times, even if you are running.

Pocket Holsters will often have a trigger guard. This is an important feature as you may mistakenly put another item in your pocket, like car keys. You need your firearm to be ready when you need it, and also to remain safe and keep you free from accidents.


     Kimber Solo in a DeSantis Holster.


You may find that new CCW people touch and fidget with their guns. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Touching your gun brings unwanted attention. Use a good holster that provides a secure fit so you get used to the weight of the firearm. People that carry firearms in Minneapolis have a tendency to fidget with their carry pistols when the seasons change and clothing changes.


Always be aware of how your clothing will aid or restrict your ability to draw and use your firearm. It’s recommended that you practice drawing and firing your carry gun often if you conceal it under a top layered shirt, sweatshirt or jacket.

Some clothing brands, like 5.11 Tactical, have designed specific clothing for the conceal and carry population. These purpose built clothing will facilitate your ability to access your weapon, without looking “tactical” or like you are a member of the law enforcement community.

Not enough practice

Like anything else in life, your proficiency to use a firearm is dependent on your training and practice. Most people that CCW would benefit from more practice and higher level personalized training. Stress is a factor that is nearly always absent from most CCW holder’s range time and practice. A specialized course from a firearm instructor can add training elements that cause stress and adrenaline.

It’s important to know how your body will react under stress. The loss of fine motor skills is common to all intensely stressful situations. Tunnel vision is very common to events involving adrenaline. These stressful situations can also make hearing nearly non existent.

How will you react should you need to use your gun? 

The wrong mindset

The number one problem for a CCW person can be the wrong mindset. A firearm is the last means of defense to save your life or the life of another. A firearm will not make you a super hero, it will not make you as accurate as an Olympic shooter, and it will not give you any additional rights.

Remember the four fundamental firearm rules:

All guns are loaded.

Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target

Be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

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