It is no secret that when you purchase a new computer, laptop or tablet, it is virtually obsolete in a very short period of time. "Moore's law" is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.  There is debate as to whether this period is two years on the dot, or eighteen months, or accelerating or decaying, but one fact remains – it will not be long before you feel the need to upgrade your computing device.  This holds true not only in the computer world, but in nearly all things electronic. Mobile phones are another great example of the relentless advance of computational capacity.  We recall some of the first truly portable cell phones, often referred to as ‘brick phones’, which were more akin to their moniker than to what we consider as phones today. It is widely known that today's smartphones have more computing power than all of NASA did when it started sending astronauts to the moon. And just as you ease into a full operational understanding of your new phone, the next version of it is hitting store shelves.

This seemingly built-in obsolescence, however, need not apply to all. Does your 6th grader really need the $2,500 laptop for school, or would a gently used machine that may not have enough power to control the Mars Rover still suffice? On one hand, the incessant compulsion to upgrade results in a wide variety of great inventory in our shop, and on the other, it also facilitates some equally awesome purchasing opportunities.   Metro Pawn & Gun usually has tablets and iPads, desktop computers, laptops, gaming systems and other personal electronics. So whether you have to upgrade, want to sell, or need to purchase a new machine – we can help you. Our selection is amazing and every product we sell has been thoroughly checked for functionality and condition.

How Can Metro Pawn & Gun Help?
Conveniently located just outside Minneapolis, we have become a destination for people from the entire Twin Cities area for a number of reasons. Unexpected financial circumstances can be mitigated with a loan, belongings that have fallen into disuse can be liquidated and turned into cash, and fantastic savings on merchandise you would purchase anyway can provide some elasticity to your buying power. Just remember, one person’s upgrade turns often out to be another’s ‘deal of the day’…



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