Broadly speaking, a tool is any physical implement that is used to achieve a specific goal, and is typically not consumed in the process. Tool use by humans dates back millions of years, and tools that are used in specific fields or activities can have different designations such as "instrument", "utensil", "machine", or "apparatus". Tools vary in complexity, quality, purpose and most of all, price. Depending on the need, everyone is likely to own tools of some type. From the basic screwdriver and pliers in the kitchen drawer, to complete sets of highly specialized tools of a given trade for the professional user – the level of investment varies as greatly as the intended use or task at hand.

Metro Pawn and Gun offers an extensive array of used tools that suit any occupation, many of which will generally outlast the user. This is why purchasing used tools is both prudent and smart. Why pay full retail for a hammer in the tool department of a major retail chain, when you can obtain the same or similar hammer in our shop at a more desirable price? Conversely, why not turn that tile cutter that you had to have for one specific remodeling project into cash, instead of leaving it to collect dust in the depths of your garage? In our line of business, we have seen nearly everything that can be defined as a ‘tool’ come though the shop. Power tools, hand tools, automotive tools, application-specific tools, new tools, old tools and even antique tools.

Somewhat outside of the literal designation as a ‘tool’, we also sport a healthy selection of lawn and garden machinery, snow removal apparatus and even the occasional power washer. Everything we purchase is consistently evaluated based on condition and tested for proper function, thus ensuring that your purchase from us satisfactory in every way.Buying used tools is, in essence, a form of recycling. Instead of falling into disuse and going to waste, we provide an opportunity for people to save money and purchase equipment that will continue to provide years of service. We accommodate clients ranging from the construction industry to the homeowner, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in making the right buying decision. Get what you need to get the job done at Metro Pawn and Gun, and use the money you saved to treat yourself to something that is not ‘work-related’!

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