If you’ve ever accidentally left your gold bracelet in a pocket and unknowingly sent it through the washing machine, you are not alone. After such an unfortunate series of events, the bracelet may be clean, but had definitely seen better days.  It has been in your dresser drawer since then – perhaps waiting for the day when you might attempt to have it repaired.  Although this might fit the definition of ‘scrap’ jewelry, the fact that it is made of gold makes it valuable.  So what is the opportunity cost?  You could sell us the bracelet for cash, or let it continue to gather dust while anticipating a potential future restoration for which you will have to spend money.

Do you have an old ring you no longer wear?  How about that set of fine earrings that have a missing gem? These items can be converted into money today!  Conversely, you may be searching for a specific gem to restore those earrings to a wearable state. Chances are, we have something that will fit, and with access to jewelers, they can be repaired quickly and economically. 

Depending on the state of the ‘scrap’, we may disassemble it to provide still-viable components for sale, we may rehabilitate it ourselves to create a useable item, or we may just sell it as-is for the self-professed tinkerer or collector.  Whatever the case, we buy and sell this type of ‘scrap’ every day, and thus have an enormous assortment available at all times.  From necklace clasps to loose jewels, from watch bands to nearly complete jewelry – Metro Pawn & Gun offers both fair prices when you wish to sell and great value when you wish to buy.

How can Metro Pawn & Gun help?

Gems like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds are always valuable. Gold, platinum and silver are also obviously very desirable as well. We can accurately ascertain the grade and value of your treasures, and thus pay top dollar for all of these items.  Complete or incomplete, new or old, pretty or not – if it involves precious metals or gems – we are interested.  With the nature of the business that we are in, inventories must move quickly to make way for more inventories, so our goods are priced to sell quickly.  Turn your scrap into cash. Do not pay full jewelry shop prices. Get what you need at Metro Pawn & Gun in Minneapolis, MN!

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