Firearms are generally not inexpensive. They are an investment in personal security, any number of shooting sports, and your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Depending on the firearm, they can range from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars. If well taken care of, they hold their value and last a lifetime or more, as evident from specimens that may have been around during World War I and still function flawlessly today.

When discussing vintage firearms, there are many variables that comprise their value. How old are they, what condition are they in, are they rare or common, did they see action in historic conflicts, where were they made and by whom – the list goes on. Much like evaluating artwork, a particular item’s provenance bears heavily on its overall valuation. Each one will have its own story, and its own price.

Modern firearms may be a bit easier to appraise. You’ve purchased a brand new handgun for $800, and after a short period of use, decided you need to upgrade to a different caliber or type of weapon. Based on its condition, this handgun will have a relatively certain value. When we pawn or purchase firearms from our clients, there are a number of guidelines that help ascertain this value. And when we resell them, their value also reflects the fact that they are used and in a certain condition, cosmetically and operationally.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

When you purchase a previously owned firearm from us, you are guaranteed two things. The first is that your firearm will be fully functional and safe, and the second is that you will save money. Quite frequently, we see our clients sell us the gun they wish to upgrade, and turn around and purchase the one they are upgrading to – all in one convenient transaction.

We are meticulous about the law, and about firearm safety. Everything in our store is thoroughly inspected, and we follow firearm laws to the letter. You can certainly buy any firearm for full retail price elsewhere, but you can probably find what you need here and typically get a much better value for your money. Guns hold their value very well, but there are still savings to be had if they are not brand new, which generally does not impact their form or function. We invite you to visit us if you need to sell, pawn or buy a firearm of any type.

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