In the world of consumer electronics, you barely have time to figure out how your new gadget works before a new model of it becomes available. Technology never stops moving forward, and the market’s appetite for progress is equally insatiable. If you are one of those people who eagerly awaits the release of the next iPhone shortly after purchasing the one you now have, then your checkbook will never suffer from an overabundance of cash. Tech companies love their customers, and will have no lack of new features to enchant them with – tomorrow, next month, next year or the year after…

But what if you’re not that person? What if you couldn’t care less if the new camera on the next iteration of your tablet has two more megapixels? What if you need a new phone, but are not willing to stand in line on the release day and pay a premium to join the crowd of “upwardly cool” people. Then Metro Pawn & Gun is where you need to come – you won’t stand in line for hours and your checkbook will thank you in the end. But best of all, you will have a vast selection of personal electronics in excellent shape and working order to choose from. Phones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, gaming consoles and more should be able to satisfy any need you may have.

For the folks that upgrade their personal electronics often, Metro Pawn is also a great place to visit. You can get cash for your used equipment to help offset the cost of your upgrades. Many of our clients actually do their “upgrading” here - a one-stop-shop that will save both time and resources. We see a lot of nearly new product come through our doors, so you will be able to find high quality gear without the high price of purchasing it brand new.

Metro Pawn & Gun is your trusted destination for loans, pawns and purchases. Our inventories are always in motion and our prices are always great. Our staff is knowledgeable on current electronics so we can make fair offers if you want to sell and help you find just the right thing if you want to buy. Upgrading your electronics has never been easier – stop in to see how we can help!

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