We have, thus far, experienced a rather mild winter here in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas – a few mere dustings of snow that did not persist for long. But winter is a long way from over, and just because we are not buried in two feet of white holiday jubilation does not mean we are out of the woods.

At Metro Pawn & Gun, we often see a variety of snow blowers come into our shop. People decide to upgrade to a newer or larger model, or perhaps have flown south for the winter along with the geese. Whatever the circumstance, this presents an opportune time for our clients to invest in a rather necessary gadget if you live in Minnesota. Even better is the fact that you will not have to pay full ticket price for it as you would at a retail store. All of our merchandise is inspected and tested to verify functionality, so we feel that a fully operational snow blower (with perhaps some cosmetic deficiencies) at a reasonable price is still better than a shiny new one at full price!

Variety is the spice of life, and is also a key ingredient in the appeal of our store. Always in motion, our inventories are… Today we might see a 36” Power Brush weighing in at 325 pounds rolled up to our shop, and tomorrow might bring in a small 12” Electric Shovel. Whether you need to bulldoze a foot of snow off your 500 foot driveway or tidy up around the patio, we probably have what you are looking for. Similarly, if you are upgrading, downgrading or moving to a place where snow is the pursuit of fairy tales, we are interested in your snow blower. With fair offers and quick transaction time, save yourself the hassle of trying to sell it by any other means. Stop in to Metro Pawn & Gun to save money, get money, relieve yourself of winters’ shackles, or equip yourself to tackle it head-on.


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