Although there is no substitute for stopping into our store to see the countless products we offer, to be amazed at the unique diversity of items we have available, or to utilize our pawn and loan services, we also list some of our featured inventory on eBay and Gunbroker online. is an auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide, and  facilitates the sale of firearms and related items by bringing buyers and sellers together. Together, these venues avail an opportunity for Metro Pawn to extend some of its inventory to clients that are either geographically distant or otherwise unable to come to our store. We also have a great relationship with, which offers an immense selection of firearms that may be purchased through them and transacted by Metro Pawn & Gun.

One of the challenges in attempting to emulate the full breadth of our inventory in an e-commerce capacity is the fluid nature of the business. In many cases, a product might sell moments after being put on the shelf, and new items come into our shop constantly. Since there is no effective way to manage incoming pawns and loans online, that aspect of our operation shall always remain face-to-face. We must observe and inspect merchandise, and negotiate acceptable terms with our clients. No two transactions may be alike, but with the online purchasing options we offer, getting what you want is just a mouse-click away.

The key to coming across that unique, one-of-a-kind item is to visit often. Products that are on display in our store, as well as those listed in our online venues, sell quickly. Unlike retailers that have an endless supply of the same item in the back room, almost everything we sell is singular in quantity. Metro Pawn & Gun does not often see a client come in to sell us a case of Mauser P.08 Luger handguns from 1941… So visit our store and visit us on the web – often!


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