With the Christmas rush behind us, Metro Pawn & Gun is teaming with fantastic deals. Video game consoles are a very popular gift during the holiday season. It seems as though one can barely keep up with the newest iteration of the Xbox or Playstation systems, and even variations within each product line. That original, black Xbox One seems dull when compared to the limited edition Halo 5: Guardians bundle. From the metallic blue accents and military insignias to the custom sound effects, this is dedicated to Halo fans, featuring content otherwise unavailable along with a custom controller and various other extras. But for those of us that may not be die-hard Halo aficionados, a stock Xbox One that came into our shop the day after Christmas may do just fine – especially considering the savings that are sure to be realized.

For someone who does not own a video game console, a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 may be a perfect introduction into the genre. Portable game systems and accessories round out our diverse inventory of gaming entertainment choices. Likewise, if you were the recipient of a newer, bigger or better system, stop by with your old one and fuel the fund for additional games, controllers or whatever else you may need. We are very selective about the quality of the products we offer, so whether selling or buying, you can be assured of the highest standards and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Of course, the post-holiday season also brings in an abundance of other electronics, from cell phones to personal computers to tablets and more. Everything is tested to be functional and in great condition, so if you want to save money and find owning a gently used system that was all the rage but a few months ago acceptable, stop in to Metro Pawn & Gun and have a look today!

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