A quality home audio system should emulate listening to live music as closely as possible in the privacy of your own home. This can be as simple as a stereo receiver and a pair of speakers in your living room or as elaborate as a custom designed system utilizing a pre-amplifier, acoustic processors, multiple amplifiers and specialized speakers designed to reproduce sound in a very distinct way, or with very particular specifications. At the end of the day, this could be a $500 purchase or a $20,000 second mortgage! It all depends on your level of expectation, and how you define a ‘satisfactory’ auditory experience. In either case, we naturally expect a great performance, yet hope to keep the expenditure reasonable, relatively speaking.

Home audio has come a long way in terms of technology and effects, and continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate. When you make a significant consumer electronics purchase, it seems inevitable that there will be a ‘better’ and more ‘capable’ model available before the one you just installed is even broken in. At Metro Pawn & Gun, we feel that a proper audio system should provide that immersive acoustic experience without the need for a bank loan. We see a tremendous variety and quantity of fine audio equipment come through our shop on a regular basis, so the choices available to our clients are as diverse as they are cost effective. From that vintage, highly acclaimed stereo tube amplifier, to the latest home theater receiver that was just upgraded in favor of the model with the new ‘ULTRA’ button on the front panel – we have nearly every sound system prerequisite covered!

Making your way through a labyrinth of consumer electronics at the ‘big box’ stores and consulting with purported experts on every subject imaginable is likely to leave you with more questions than answers. Tell us what you want your equipment to do, as well as your desired budget, and we will provide the best fit for that need from our extensive inventory of quality components. We can avail the knowledge required for you to make the right equipment choices – this is what will make your investment in the world of home audio entertainment a satisfying one. As with everything we offer, our expertise and dedication to our clients comes together to provide service that is second to none!

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